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We Make Data Accessible
To Mobile Marketers

Mobile advertising doesn't have to be a black box.
TapFwd makes it easy for marketers to access and analyze mobile data.

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A World Class Mobile-First
Data Management Platform

Make data-driven decisions by combining your 1st party data with the most comprehensive 3rd party mobile database. TapFwd helps you discover whether your users are married or single, just had children or became empty nesters, drive BMWs or Hondas, and most importantly, whether any of these things even matter.

Unify your customer data

unify customer data from CRM and tracking platform

From email addresses of online purchasers to mobile IDs of app power users, you have all sorts of proprietary data about your customers.

But what good is customer data if it's stuck in silos?

With TapFwd, you can unify all your data sets tied to any identifiers including mobile ID, email address, or postal address. Then you can use the combined data to power your next mobile campaign.

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unify customer data from CRM and tracking platform
analyze customer segments to find attributes shared by frequent purchasers

Analyze your customer segments

analyze customer segments to find attributes shared by frequent purchasers

You know how much your best customers are worth, but do you know what attributes they share?

TapFwd's mobile-first database makes it easy for marketers to uncover the attributes that make one customer segment different than others.

Whether you want to compare December's cohort to July's, or analyze the differences between customers who churned versus those who became loyal, we make it possible — and fast.

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Create tailored mobile audiences

create targeted lookalike mobile audiences for ad campaigns

Ad networks are great at placing ads. TapFwd ensures those ads are only shown to the best people.

Already know high-income dads who drive BMWs are your best customers? Use our database to find mobile IDs of more BMW-loving dads from high income households.

Just learned from TapFwd's analysis that your high LTV customers are 7x more likely to drink premium coffee? With just a few clicks, build a mobile audience of premium coffee buyers — or layer in any other predictive attributes.

Create an Audience
create targeted lookalike mobile audiences for ad campaigns
export mobile audience data to ad networks and database

Export data to anywhere

export mobile audience data to ad networks and database

We don't believe in walled gardens. Use TapFwd's data wherever and however you want.

Export audiences to power mobile ads across your ad networks and DSPs, or bring data back in house for your internal marketing and data science teams to comb through.

Whichever you choose, feel confident that you're using the most comprehensive mobile-first database to power all of your mobile marketing needs.

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Built For Mobile Marketers

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Mobile First, Mobile Only

The most comprehensive mobile database, built for a world without cookies.

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Pure Play DMP

We're neutral, so use our data to power ad buys across all your ad networks and DSPs.

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We anonymize all data and hold ourselves to the strictest privacy standards.

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No SDK Required

We accept data from all your data silos. No engineering resources needed.

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Priced For Mobile

We don't think paying $1.50 CPM for data makes sense either.

We Help Mobile Marketers Make Data-Driven Decisions

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