Better Together

Better Together

Stop going it alone. Form private data sharing alliances with complementary brands and watch your marketing results skyrocket.

Complete Control
Complete Control
Choose the brands you want to share with. End a data sharing alliance at any time.
Exclusive Access
Exclusive Access
Access exclusive data from complementary brands. Gain an edge over the competition.
Privacy-Safe & Secure
Privacy-Safe & Secure
All data is used within TapFwd. No data changes hands.

Unlock the value of second party data alliances

TapFwd empowers the world's leading marketers to access and share data with complete control.

Acquire new customers with second party audience targeting.
Extend your reach with next generation lookalike targeting using second party data. Get the scale of third party data with the quality of first party data, so you can extend reach without compromising performance.
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"TapFwd is a no brainer for every marketer. 100% the way our industry should be going."
Forge mutually beneficial alliances.
Your customers engage with all sorts of brands that don't compete with you. Form private data sharing alliances with those brands to unlock new, mutually beneficial ways to improve your marketing efforts.
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"Our first alliance resulted in a 25% reduction in CPA. Incredible! We're already working with TapFwd to form more alliances with non-competitive pet companies."
Activate with ease.
No SDK or API integration required. Get up and running in minutes.
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"This was the fastest, easiest setup I've ever seen."

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Lots of customers Lots of customers

The second party data revolution is here

"TapFwd just makes so much sense. Partnership marketing is so useful, and such a pain to do on your own."
"TapFwd gives us access to exclusive 2nd party lookalike audiences that produce even better results than our own lookalikes."
"We tried forming a data sharing partnership on our own and got nowhere. With TapFwd, we were up and running in minutes."
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