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With TapFwd as your partner, person-level mobile targeting is no longer limited to Facebook's walled garden.
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The Team

David Bochner - Business Operations
David Bochner
Business Operations
Daniel Cardoso - Software Engineer
Daniel Cardoso
Software Engineer
Lindsay Chastain - Marketing
Lindsay Chastain
André Ferreira - UI, UX Designer
André Ferreira
UI, UX Designer
Travis Gingerich - Full-Stack Data Scientist
Travis Gingerich
Full-Stack Data Scientist
Ilma Macedo - Office Manager
Ilma Macedo
Office Manager
Ibrahim Pataudi - Business Development
Ibrahim Pataudi
Business Development
Armaan Sarkar - Software Engineer
Armaan Sarkar
Software Engineer
Eddie Siegel - Founder & CTO
Eddie Siegel
Founder & CTO
Chris Taylor - CRO
Chris Taylor
Alex Wasserman - Founder & CEO
Alex Wasserman
Founder & CEO

The Extended Family

From our backyard in San Francisco all the way to Paris, we're fortunate to have the support of amazing investors from around the globe.

AngelPad Tekton Partech BoldStart Vaizra
Ben Narasin
Partner at Canvas Venture Fund
Mike Driscoll
Founder of Metamarkets
Jonah Goodhart
Founder of Moat
Jared Kopf
Founder of AdRoll
Auren Hoffman
Founder of LiveRamp