Meet Cerebro

The distributed storage and computation engine built from the ground up for mobile data


Cerebro organizes the world’s disparate marketing data. From deterministic and probabilistic match data, to offline and mobile demographic data, Cerebro combines it all to form the most holistic, unified view of the person behind a mobile device.

Organize disparate marketing data

Not all mobile data is created equal: data sources vary in quality, match data varies in accuracy, and different sources of similar data often conflict with one another. Cerebro embraces the heterogeneous nature of mobile data by taking into account confidence levels, data sources, and match methods when determining what information to ultimately associate with each device profile.

Choose data to associate with a mobile device profile

Once a data point has been ingested, it can be used to inform and derive other data points. TapFwd uses Cerebro to combine first, second, and third party attributes to form new, high confidence attributes for a wide variety of mobile marketing use cases.

Derived mobile data

Every day, Cerebro processes over 500 billion data points on over 250 million mobile devices to make person-level data accessible in mobile marketing.

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